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Sandbox VR

A long term partnership to help build the best VR experience ever imagined.

People wearing VR equipment and weapons.
Marketing Site

Forget Reality.

Forget what you know about VR. We helped build an experience that transcends reality and takes you to another world. Sandbox VR is more than VR. Its an immersive experience that elevates reality. We created a site to convey what truly sets Sandbox VR apart from other VR experiences.

Brand Strategy

Vast Worlds, Unique Brand.

Although Sandbox VR had an existing logo, we felt it was our duty to really bring it to another level. It was time the break the VR trend. We traded the laser tag theme for an upscale, clean, minimalistic brand. With "Cool Grays" and "Sharp Blues", we created a brand that represented the quality their team was producing.

Siqi Chen

I’ve been wanting to work with Reform for many years, and we’re so lucky to partner with them on all our user facing interfaces. Reform Collective is truly one of the world’s top design minds, and has been a key strategic partner not just on our product, but for our overall business. Their work has truly elevated our brand and our retail design and we look forward to working together for many years to come.

Siqi Chen, CPO - Sandbox VR
Product Design

All Good Games Keep Score.

Who’s keeping score? Well, we are. Every experience that Sandbox VR offers comes with a competitve aspect. Beating the mission is only part of this full body VR experience. After players finish, we decided it was worth it to deliver each player their own webpage showing how well they did compared to their friends.

Graph representing each player's accuracy
Graph representing each player's kills

The Outcome.

Since Sandbox launched their new marketing site and post game experiences, they have seen a 35% increase in experience bookings. They have opened 7 new locations and 3 new experiences.

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