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Branded To Oluminate

First order of things was to bring a new brand to Olumo. Our goal was to create a brand that spoke to the actual experience of the product. Being that Olumo brings organizations into an enlightened awareness of the health of their teams well being, it was suitable to design a mark that demonstrated this.

Olumo Logo Olumo Color Palette Olumo Color Palette
Product Design

Visual Data To Know What Your Team Needs

The data Olumo gathers from team member responses are built into a beautiful interface that’s clear to understand and take action on. Trends and common requests can be utilized to make valuable changes to the way an organization interacts with its team members.

Art Direction

A Human Touch For Humans


What's a Story Without Pictures?

Mike Tingery

“In earlier versions of our software, our clients liked us. However, when we showed them the new design and the new features we created with Reform Collective, they began to love us. It’s made all the difference in sales and customer meetings.”

Mike Tingery, CTO of Olumo
Web Design

The Oluminating Website

Screenshots from the Olumo website Screenshots from the Olumo website

The Outcome.

Within 3 weeks of Olumo's launch of their new product and brand, they signed over 6 large enterprise based contracts...and counting.

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