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Final Card

Shopping online with your credit should be safe. Who would disagree?

Product Design

Designing the Final Card

Originally, Final Card had worked with Mackey Saturday (Amazing brand designer who created the Instagram typeface still used today) to create a truly vibrant and refreshing brand that spoke perfectly to solution and business that Final created. We took that brand and carried it thru to the physical card as well as marketing website.

Final Card color palette Final Card brand identity
Final Card design Final Card logo
Marketing Website

Creating Buzz, Leads and Eventually Customers

Final Card tasked us with creating a site to announce the launch of their product. We built the site in two phases. Phase one, being to capture emails to create a lead-gen type of waiting list. This list grew to over 100,000 people interested in the product within the first 6 weeks. The second phase was the public launch where visitors could apply and receive their Final Card.

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The Outcome.

Final Card generated over 100,000 leads and thousands upon thousands of card holders within months of their launch. We were one of those happy cold holders.

Goldman Sachs acquired Final Card in 2018 in an effort to create their own version in the near future.

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