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Enabling people to have that new car smell... Every month.

iPhone Application

Driving a New Car Every Month

Imagine driving your dream car. Now imagine driving a fleet of dream cars and trading them out every month. Now imagine that dream car delivereed to your door! Yeah, Eleanor does this and we designed the iPhone app to enable customers to do just that.

Marketing Website

A beautiful App To Deliver Beautiful Cars Needed a Beautiful Site

It’s quite simple. You pick your car, create your account, have your car delivered. So, such a simple process called for an extremely simple website that was to the point. We utilized clean layout coupled with bold yet elegant animations to tell the story from picking your car to driving a new car every month.

Art Direction

Little Details That Get You Around the App

Alex Bateman

“Not only did I get to be a model on the home page, I also got take part in an extremely interesting product. Our goal was to make the flow as easy as possible for users to get their account created and driving their new car.”

Alex Bateman, Design Lead

Designing That New Car Smell

Two cars. A luxury sports car.

White Glove Delivery Experience

Satisfying the Unsatisfiable

A berline car.

The Outcome.

Eleanor is currently in beta right now as they continue to service areas outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. They have received an incredible amount of traction and interest since their public beta launch in July of 2019.

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