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Design Internship (Currently Hiring)

Who we are

Reform Collective is a small team of award-winning digital designers and developers. We use modern and imaginative design to tell compelling stories for outstanding companies. These aren’t your everyday websites—think fully custom, sexy animations and eye-goggling 3-D, all built from the ground up. We’re a full-service agency, which means we tackle web, product, brand, 3D, and print projects. We don’t take ourselves too seriously; we save that for our work. We’re deliberate and detail-obsessed when it comes to producing high-quality design, but we’re not afraid to have fun while we’re doing it.

Who you are

You are eager to plunge into the exciting and dynamic realm of creative design and development. Your passion for making the web a better place and your desire to leave your mark through captivating designs and immersive experiences is palpable. You approach your work with a sense of professionalism and dedication, while maintaining a sense of humor and teachability. You're a determined learner and like to push the envelope when it comes to creativity. Collaboration is at the heart of your work, so you’re a team player and are always open to hearing out new perspectives. You’re detail-oriented, independent, and driven to evolve both personally and professionally.

What you'll need

Experience designing/developing through completion of a relevant college program, boot camp, or professional experience
A great work ethic and an eager desire to learn and prove yourself
Comfortability talking to clients and eloquently advocating for your designs while being open to feedback
A capable knowledge of relevant tools. We don't need to list them. You know what we’re talking about
An ability to multitask and work on more than one project at a time
Availability to work 20-25 hours a week for a three-month internship
An ability to work in office at least twice per week

What you'll get

Mentorship from experienced and talented professionals
Resumè-boosting time spent at a leading agency
Top of the line hardware
Competitive internship pay
Design awards to add to your LinkedIn profile
A completed capstone project
Free snacks, beverages and plenty of caffeine
Happy hour every Friday (complete with a fully stocked bar)

Your Reform journey

The Intern Journey
Complete training and become familiarized with our software and processes
Learn about our project portfolio and team structure
Dive into one or more projects in a support role
Assist with quality assurance and other processes
Present your ideas to the team for feedback
Connect with local professionals
Receive support and mentorship as you complete a concept project to add to your portfolio
Gain a professional recommendation or a potential job offer

Fill this out and we will get back to you soon. ❤️

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